I was born and raised in Evanston, Illinois and am a graduate of Northwestern University. My tech career spans from database development to internet executive and entrepreneur. From 2000-2011 I enjoyed a second career as a professional photographer with a studio out of Los Angeles, California. My images have been published in both U.S. and international media. I am a current board member of Yosemite Sierra Artists and co-curator of the annual Visions of Self competition for female artists across the world.

My art photography concentrates on portraiture of people and nature, showing the intricate beauty of both.

My articles critiquing the fashion industry have been reprinted on Ms. Magazine and featured on the BBC. The BBC feature was then picked up by MSN, The Independent, FStoppers, and many other media outlets. I am honored that the issue of the portrayal of women as victims in advertising has come to the attention of the mainstream media and the fashion industry is acknowledging and correcting it.